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MythFX was born out of our passion for music and electronics, and the quest for ultimate tone. We are dedicated to offering musicians the finest boutique effects pedals without the compromises of off-the-shelf mass produced pedals. All of our pedals are handmade in the USA, one at a time using premium components and professional design practices. Each pedal is designed with musicality and flexibility in mind, both on stage and in the studio, solo and within a band setting. Our pedals are built to withstand the abuse of the road, the stage, and the studio. Each pedal has practical features that provide musicians with a vast range of tones without introducing excessive noise into your signal chain. Our pedal designs are original...not clones of existing pedals. We are continually designing and testing new pedals, but these will be released only when we have achieved superb tone that stands apart from existing pedals on the market.

Please visit our product pages for reviews of existing pedal offerings. Soundclips and videos of the pedal in action can be seen and heard there as well. We invite you to hear what our pedals can do for your music.

Handmade in the USA construction.
True Bypass Switching with bright LED indicator (will not "suck" tone when bypassed).
Highest quality Switchcraft® audio jacks, long life pots, and high grade components throughout.
Aluminum enclosures with durable Powder Coated finish.
Durable Silkscreened faceplates made of textured Lexan®.
9-Volt DC input jack (2.1MM negative tip AC adapter).
Low noise Metal Film high tolerance resistors and Film capacitors in all critical locations.
Small form factor design saves precious pedalboard space.
2 year warranty against defects for the original owner.

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